Abueli Teams

What are Abueli Teams?

  • Subscription housekeeping and air conditioner maintenance. 

  • Subscriptions are limited. We have pre-set subscription slots and we close enrollment as soon as we hit the limit.

  • Our response to the virus risk: while it doesn’t quarantine completely, keeping the SAME clients at a PRE-SET MAXIMUM number of clients helps reduce the number of contacts significantly. 


Why Teams?

  • Housekeepers and technicians don’t need to chase quotas and can spend the proper amount of time with clients.

  • Having the same teams go to your home or office means that they can learn your preferences and adapt on subsequent visits. They also know the history of repairs and can respond accordingly.

  • Subscription teams bring regular maintenance to prevent more costly repairs and delay replacement requirements.


Available Teams


Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance

or send us a message to request for information.


The target start date for this service is the first week of June 2020