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Group classes

Abueli Shoe Polishing Class

P700 per person, for the class

P1,500 for the shoe care kit

Class Schedules

Ortigas Center 

February 17, 2018


10am-12nn and 1pm-3pm


February 15, 2018



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We’re all looking forward to our shoe polishing classes this February. To those who have enrolled and to those who are interested, here are some guidelines on the course.


What will we be learning?

The two hour class will include a short discussion on basic shoe care. But most of the time will be dedicated to hands-on leather polishing lessons to reach a mirror shine.


What should we bring?

Bring at least one pair of shoes that will look good with a mirror shine. Please do not bring patent or suede/nubuck as these can’t be polished.


Get your arm muscles ready as these will get a good two-hour workout!

Referral Network

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