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How does one subscribe?

Send us an email and we’ll send you a questionnaire on service options.

An inspection fee is billed for an initial visit plus a one-day test clean. If you are satisfied with the test day, we’ll find a schedule for you. 

A 1-month test period begins. At the end of the test period we’ll evaluate if we’re able to meet the cleaning goals. If all goes well, then we assign your team and schedule and continue cleaning weekly and billing monthly.

With the situation as it is, we’ll try our best to group homes with high risk individuals together with one team and offices with another to minimize risk for those who will continue to lockdown.

Classroom Lessons

* coming in mid 2018






The 1 - 2 - 3 of working with Abueli


We get to know you and how we can help


I want detailed notes and photos, let's work together


Fix everything you can and send me the shortest notes possible

Do it all! At least everything you can. I don't get much time at home so I want it reserved for family, not venting of my staff's issues and problems.

I'm enjoying and everything's running rather well. I just want to improve efficiency and morale.

My kids are asthmatic, I'm allergic, even my dog is sensitive. Get as much of the dirt, dust, and grime out as possible!

A little dust never hurt anyone. I'd rather function with less staff and do general cleaning regularly.


We Train


cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance

F&B Service

Laundry & Ironing

Nanny services

Nanny Guides


We Reinforce and Follow Up

Verify and Grade Staff Performance

Assign Tasks and Increase Efficiency

Introduce Technology

Retrain as Needed

Give Pop Quizzes


Inspect Tools and Equipment

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