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Home Maintenance

How does it work?

A monthly maintenance package composes of at least four visits a month. Each visit takes about one to two hours.

Our contribution to saving the planet...
Homes under maintenance programs are eligible for our refill program. We provide containers at the beginning, and cleaning chemicals are diluted according to what your home needs. This eliminates the purchase of maybe 3-5 new plastic bottles per month and you’re only paying us for concentrate; not the water added.

Our cleaning materials are industrial items that use washable refills instead of disposable ones. We also keep dryer balls in stock and train staff in replacing disposable dryer sheets with reusable wool dryer balls upon request.

Why continue to visit?

Follow up is as important as learning the main curriculum. In the weeks after training, some lessons may need to be retaught or clarified. During visits, trainers also verify that lessons that have been taught are being applied.

What happens during a visit?

Cleanliness is checked weekly, a few rooms per visit. Cleaning and maintenance homework is given and checked on the following week.

What else happens during visits?

Besides checking general cleanliness, each week has a specific goal:

Week 1 — Kitchen and Pantry.

  • Fridges and pantries checked for items that have expired or need to be consumed immediately.

  • Overall kitchen cleanliness is checked.


Week 2 — Cleanliness and Organization.

  • Check that items that should be returned are put back and items that should not be touched are left alone.

  • In homes with young children, toys may be checked as well as the closet for items that no longer fit.

  • In homes where staff have smart phones, we check that packages received, pantry items expiring, etc. are being sent by Viber or Whatsapp


Week 3 — Service areas and Cleaning equipment.

  • When staff schedules get busy, the first to be dropped from the to-do list is the staff room and service areas. If these areas are not kept clean, pest infestations may begin and general hygiene suffers.

  • If cleaning equipment is not cleaned and maintained, it could become a source of germs for the rest of the home.


Week 4 — Team meetings.

This is when the Abueli trainers meet your staff to discuss:


  • Fumigation, aircon cleaning, other maintenance schedules • Items that need repair

  • Adjustments in task boards and cleaning constraints

  • Items that need to be purchased

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Brief weekly reports are relayed to employers through our home management app, email, or WhatsApp/Viber.

**Please inform us in advance if you intend to have your home on maintenance. Due to the amount of attention each home receives under this program, we have a limit as to how many clients can be on maintenance at any given time.**

Referral Network

When your helper asks if you can hire her sister and you have a no-relatives policy, or when you need to increase your staff count, drop in and post.

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