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Main Curriculum

Our full curriculum is taught one day a week over a period of 7-9 weeks. Staff with more experience may require less days to learn while homes with large housekeeping teams may need more time.

Deportment and F&B Service are taught by Peninsula Cooperative instructors while Cleaning Techniques, Laundry, and Nanny Guides are taught by in-house Abueli trainers.

Day 1, Week 1

Day 2, Week 2

Day 3, Week 3

Day 4, Week 4

Day 5, Week 5

Day 6, Week 6

Day 7, Week 7

Deportment Cleaning Techniques Cleaning Techniques F&B Service
F&B Service
F&B Service
Laundry Class

Course Outline

I. Deportment

  • Grooming and Hygiene

  • How to Speak and Act

  • Teamwork

  • Professionalism

  • Honesty, Respect, and Discretion

  • Safety and Security

  • Saving and Budgeting

  • Dignity of Work

II. Rooms and Cleaning Techniques

  • Making the bed

  • Bedrooms, cleaning and arranging

  • Bedrooms, turn down service

  • Bathrooms, cleaning and arranging 

  • ​​​​Safety 

  • Care and Use of Cleaning Tools

  • Care and Use of Cleaning Chemicals

  • Cleaning Techniques

  • Order of Cleaning

  • Basic Waste Management

III. Advanced F&B Service

  • Types of Service

  • Service Sequence

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Table Setting

  • Napkin Folding

  • Manning the Bar

  • Proper Food Storage

  • Food Safety

  • Keeping the Kitchen Clean

IV. Laundry

  • Understanding Care Labels

  • Preparation and Sorting

  • Using the Washing Machine

  • Using the Dryer

  • Ironing Process

  • Using the Steam Iron

  • Maintaining the washer, dryer, and irons

V. Nanny Guides

  • Personal Presentation

  • Basic Safety and Security

  • Organising the Medicine Cabinet (removing expired medicines)

  • Reading a prescription and measuring medicine

  • Age-specific iPad-free activities

  • Child’s Hygiene

  • What to have in the day bag




*Peninsula Cooperative (Pen-Coop) instructors are retirees of the Peninsula Manila. They teach deportment and advanced F&B service. 

*Full curriculum at P30,000.


*For classes outside of Makati/Ortigas/BGC, we may need to charge extra for transportation. 

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