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Weekly checks and visits can get repetitive. Some homes have been under our care for almost as long as we’ve been around. Here are some extras that we bring to homes that have been under a Home Maintenance Package for close to a year or more.

Case Studies and Team Building

Homes under maintenance get special rates for team building with a Peninsula Cooperative Trainer. Large groups or even smaller groups with strong personalities work better with quarterly or semi-annual team building sessions to iron out disagreements in a healthy, controlled environment.

We also do “culture” case studies when we discuss situations in a home and how you would like your staff to react.

Maid Training - Philippines

Shoe Care

We’ve developed a simple lesson plan with the help of Betina Yang, a Filipina bespoke shoemaker who has been working in Florence, Italy since 2014.
This helps staff distinguish leather so that they know to clean different finishes.

Basic Floral and Succulent Arrangements (coming in May 2019)

Developed with Anna Fay Rosal of Peninsula Manila, this is a short list of simple flower and greens combinations. Each only combines two or three elements so that anyone, even a child, will enjoy arranging. The list can be brought to Dangwa or Market!Market! as a buying guide too.

Basic Gift Wrapping

Usually done at the start of the holiday season, this is a short class where we ensure staff wrap with clean corners, tape discreetly, and tie neat bows.

Fun Kids’ Snacks

Upon request, we can teach simple snack options for kids that double as activities for them too. Some examples are smiley face peanut butter or Nutella with banana, balsamic and olive oil smileys with bread and Knoxx Wiggly Jelly Blox.

Packing a Suitcase

While everyone has their own preferences on how a suitcase should be packed, we can introduce the basics of keeping fragile items safe, packing so that it’s easy to find things upon arrival, and using plastic or tissue to keep special clothes from wrinkling. We’ll also go over filling out immigrations forms and airport procedure if you need your staff to know this.

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Referral Network

When your helper asks if you can hire her sister and you have a no-relatives policy, or when you need to increase your staff count, drop in and post.

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