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Other Services

I. The Abueli Pantry

          We stock many of our favourite cleaning products and tools so that clients can purchase what’s needed. For clients on maintenance programs, we also do hardware and supermarket runs to source items that we don’t carry. Our trainers have tried many of the available cleaning items in the market and can pick durable and effective products from a line up of options.

II. Organising

          We can help fix the kitchen cabinets, pantries, and closets. We can also shoot and upload inventory of kitchen and closet items to a cataloguing app.

III. Wait Staff for Home Dinners

          Available on Saturdays and Sundays, we can refer you to our waiter to serve your home cooked meals and favourite bottles of wine.

IV. Day Housekeepers (Beta)

(Packages available for purchase now, services begin in mid-March)   


          Our housekeepers go through the Peninsula Cooperative's (Pen-Coop's) rigorous two-week training course. After this they are on apprentice basis to our Abueli trainers for months before they are permitted to visit homes on their own. Abueli Housekeepers can clean, operate washers/dryers, do ironing, and set tables or do basic F&B service. Housekeeper visits are meant as a top-up for when there's a new baby at home, guests in the house, or when a maid is on vacation. It is also applicable for clients who live in condo units that can manage without a stay-in maid. We have five, ten, and twenty-visit packages available for purchase. 

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Referral Network

When your helper asks if you can hire her sister and you have a no-relatives policy, or when you need to increase your staff count, drop in and post.

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