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Reinforce and Follow-up

I. Verification

          Hotel housekeepers aren’t robots nor are they perfect. So how do hotels make sure rooms are perfect when guests enter? First of course is the training. But another important factor is verification. We’ve consulted with our council on converting hotel checklists for use in the home. Our trainers have practiced eyes that can spot dust in nooks and crannies many wouldn’t even remember to clean. We also make sure that appliances like your washing machine are being cared for properly to avoid unnecessary repairs. We work with your staff, point out where they can improve and compliment them when they do a great job.

II. Quizzes and Report Cards

          In school, kids normally listen better when a quiz is expected. It’s natural to be more conscious of work done when one knows it will be graded. For activities like table setting and meal service that we can’t observe in action, we give pop quizzes. After three to six months on the maintenance program, we can also produce report cards for your staff with grades on the all the areas they’ve learned and practised.

III. Assign tasks and Create Schedules

          For homes that request this service, the second day of deportment class is spent interviewing staff on their current responsibilities. These interviews and observations continue as they train. Once training is over, we can draft a suggested task assignment for your approval and also help with scheduling daily, weekly, and seasonal tasks. These schedules are reinforced by the verifications above.

IV. Increase Efficiency

          Sometimes it’s just a matter of switching to a wide mop when the housekeeper’s been wiping the floor with a small rag. Other times, we teach staff members how to use Viber so that when you need them to look for something, you can send them a photo of what they’re looking for. We look for areas where staff members can do work better or more efficiently and suggest ways to do this. With your approval, we teach the staff how.


          So much technology is available and we can source second hand iPads for your staff if they don’t already have one. You can share grocery lists through smart phones. They can send you photos when a gift or package is received. Recipes and cooking videos can be found online. Pinterest is an excellent source of table-scape ideas. These lessons are best taught in conjunction with the verification visits to break the amount of information into manageable units.

V. Retrain as needed

          It can take months or even a year for staff to develop good cleaning and serving habits. There’s also a lot of information to process during the main lessons. We’re here to remind them about things they might forget as time passes or clarify lessons as they put them into practice.

VI. Create Punch Lists

          We make lists of broken hinges, dead light bulbs, warped floor boards, etc. So that when the maintenance person arrives, he/she already has a list of things that need to be addressed.


*Follow-up sessions start at P2,000 and are charged by half-day or full day booking.

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