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Short classes

Half Day Options (2-3 Hours)

Cleaning Tools and Chemicals, proper use and care

- - -

Kitchen Cleaning

- - -
Pantry and Fridge Organising Demo*

- - -

Bathroom Cleaning

- - -

Proper use and maintenance Rainbow and Gruenheim water vacuums

Whole Day Options (5-hours)

General Areas and Service Areas

- - -

Laundry and Ironing, plus care of washers and dryers

Two Half Days

The Dust Busting Special. Abueli girls will show staff how to find and clean often missed areas like ceiling fans, tops of doors, behind furniture, etc. They will point these areas out and give them homework. After one week, we visit again to check their homework and re-train.

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Referral Network

When your helper asks if you can hire her sister and you have a no-relatives policy, or when you need to increase your staff count, drop in and post.

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