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A year in Review: The 5-list from 2017

Our first year as a business is over and we’re lucky to have had such gracious clients to work with. Here is a short post about five items that have been most relevant in 2017.

1. Teach staff how to clean the lint and water filters of the washers and dryers. Many assume this is being done or don’t realize their machine has an extra filter for water. This is very easy to do and will increase the life span and laundry quality of the machines.

2. Check how many rags are available for staff use. If they have only one or two, then chances are, the same rags may be wiping sanitary and unsanitary areas of the home. It happens more often than we realize!

3. Simple things like paying staff on time and making sure they have enough to eat go along way in keeping good people.

4. Laundry is usually ironed and folded in the staff room. Make sure this area is kept clean and organised. Better yet, dedicate an area to laundry if space allowances permit.

5. Verification is as important as teaching. Hotel housekeepers aren’t perfect people but when we enter 5-star hotel rooms, they’re all done perfectly. This is as much in the training of the staff as it is in the inspections of their managers.

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