The League of Extraordinary Housekeepers


Susan has headed housekeeping in the Peninsula Manila and the Manila Hotel, as well as Building Administration at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. She's also managed properties such as the St. Francis Shangri-la Place and the Pacific Plaza Towers. However, we feel the best reflection of her capabilities is in the staff she's trained. More than a decade after having worked with Susan, they will still stop at the mention of her name, and with love and respect in their hearts, go over everything they've just cleaned a second time.



He may be known for his work with ABS-CBN, his food column, or more recently, as the Fan Man. But we've always known Monchet as the man who can pull a dinner party out of a hat in the middle of a deserted desert island. Poor camel.



She's taught Vietnamese refugees to assimilate and trained cruise attendants with Sharp Karilagan. What makes her most-fitted to her role as our Home HR advisor is her role in the development of the Emphasis Salon: home to some of the most discreet, loyal, and content salon staff in Metro Manila. It's important to note that the helper she shares with Monchet has never taken an advance in her tenure as housekeeper and is now the owner of a beautiful house in her home-town.



After working his way up to Head of Laundry of the Peninsula and staying in that post until retirement, we've yet to find a question about laundry that Jojie can't answer. We may have to give a prize to the first member who can stump him.

Anna Fay


You may not have met Anna, but we're ninety-nine percent sure you've met her creations. Anyone who's been to the Peninsula on Christmas or New Year's has seen her masterpieces. On any day, one can glance at the many floral arrangements throughout the hotel to see her mark on one of the most beautiful lobbies in the Philippines. With sixteen years of hotel experience added to growing up in a family of very green thumbs, Anna Fay's knowledge of decor and landscaping covers fresh, artificial, indoor, outdoor and everything above, beyond, and in between. A decade and a half of masterpieces and creativity is still blooming in her work.



Some people are given the gift of being able to find things. Others are given the gift of being able to select things. Reina has been given both. Her contractor still goes through the "what-did-Reina-do" train of thought decades and tons of projects down the line. She's a resource person for everything from doorknobs to antique silver.



Lica has represented the Philippines in two very different areas: women's football and as one of three Filipino Masterchef Asia finalists. In Abueli, of course, we're more interested in the later. She grew up in the kitchen and has loved cooking for as long as she can remember. After Masterchef, she gave up her career in banking and is now the executive chef of Kartilya. (The bibingka soufflé is well worth braving BGC's rush hour traffic for!)



Every League must have its minions. The tech support of the tech support, replier of emails, maintainer of the website, forum coordinator. And when your inquiries require more research (or someone to run to Divisoria to buy towels), that's also Andrea's job.

And now...

It's your turn to nurture family tradition and develop some of your own. We're looking forward to sharing the journey and we're grateful that you've allowed us to help.