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What is Abueli?

In a pinch, your home concierge. Housekeeping is our passion and we understand the hard work that goes into maintaining a good home.


The knowledge we bring to you is a combination of tradition and technology. Half was learned as we trailed our grandmothers, inhaling second-hand smoke and drinking sacrilegious amounts of Coca-Cola; the other portion through the rigorous training of Manila's most prestigious hotels. But whichever the background, as Filipinos, we have tradition in the home and hospitality in our blood. As a company, our aim is to nurture what is already there.

We respect that each home has it's own ways and rules. We're here to offer support the way a nice, friendly family would - if that family had a head of housekeeping as the mom, head of laundry as the dad, an executive chef as the older brother, horticulturist sister...

Come join the community and allow us ease your home making concerns.

Maid Training - Philippines
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