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The League of Extraordinary Housekeepers are Abueli's pillars. Through years of corporate, parallel, and home experience, they're here to help in the fields of:

  • Housekeeping

  • Laundry

  • Kitchen

  • Banquet

  • Household HR (Human Resources)

  • Sourcing

  • Decorating 

  • Customs and Decorum

The Forum is a place where you can share experiences with fellow members, get tips from the League, or ask how others have solved your household concerns in their own homes.


If experts can be hired to build a website or program a smartphone, we believe there should be similar support for building and maintaining a home. After all, anyone who's done both knows that a day job can be easier to handle than a household. 

Members have two ways to get support: This forum and our members-only Facebook group. We understand that Facebook may be easier to access and a forum is easier to search through. So post where it's more convenient. If you prefer to keep your inquiry private, we have messaging options on both the forum and the Facebook group.

Membership costs P2,500.00 per member, per year. Gift certificates are available and international members are accepted.

Abueli Forum

All things Housekeeping Forum

Post your questions, observations, rants, and breakthroughs. Receive answers and support from our trainers and co-members. 


Referral Network

When your helper asks if you can hire her sister and you have a no-relatives policy, or when you need to increase your staff count, drop in and post.

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